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About K.D.E., Inc.

          Kuenzler's Dairy Equipment currently employs thirteen employees total. Six of these employees are service and maintenance men - three of these individuals are certified in Refrigeration / HVAC; three are certified in Regional VIP/CIP training; and four are certified in Smart Dairy. KDE also has two full line route trucks on the road, a salesman, a milk quality assurance specialist, and there is a full-time office manager to answer your needs.
          KDE is committed to provide to its customers the most updated technological support for all your dairy and farming needs, including but not limited to:
     -     Expansions and Installations, such as: parlors, robots, bulk tanks, vacuum pumps, and pipelines
     -     Cow Comfort, such as: cow brushes, rubber mats, waterbeds, and fans
     -     Cooling Equipment, such as: condensing units, plate coolers, chiller systems, and compressors
     -     Manure Equipment, such as: manure pumps and alley scrapers
     -     Sanitize Equipment, such as: tank washers and chemicals
     -     Other Milking Equipment, such as: air compressors, inflations, claws, milk filters, boilers, hot water heaters, and water softeners
     -     Other Barn Equipment, such as: lighting, ID systems, and feed mixers
     -     Farmer Needs, such as: Muck Boots, work boots, gloves, paper towels, and more
          KDE provides dedicated and manageable preventative maintenance with individual maintenance schedules that are geared to one-on-one specific dairy needs. We also provide a Milk Quality Assurance Specialist to our farmers to help make the most of your premiums by performing on-farm wash ups to ensure that pipelines are being properly cleaned and maintained. This specialist will also be monitoring Bulk Tank Bacterial and Somatic Cell counts.
          KDE is one of few BouMatic dealers in North America to be BouMatic Certified. BouMatic Certification did not come easy - we had to take every available training course that BouMatic offers in order to become a certified dealer. What is the significance of being a BouMatic Certified Dealer - you may ask. Well, since we had to take all of the available training to be BouMatic Certified, we have the maximum amount of knowledge about the BouMatic products that we sell and service. You can trust us, now more than ever, to deliver professional and knowledgeable sales and service to you and your farm.
          KDE has a service technician on call 24/7 in both our Norwood office and our Watertown branch, with an answering service to take your calls during our closed hours. No matter what time, and no matter what day, we have a technician to assist you with your needs.
Our History - How KDE Began

In 1973, Glen and Mary Kuenzler moved their family from New Jersey to New York and purchased the Rood Farm on North Main Street in Norwood. The Kuenzler's had farmed in New Jersey, as well as Glen had a family plumbing business. In 1978, the barn at Kuenzler's Farm was destroyed completely by fire. The family decided to rebuild and a company called Nu-Pulse from Wisonsin was contacted to put in a pipeline milking system. ......

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