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Our History - How KDE Began

          In 1973, Glen and Mary Kuenzler moved their family from New Jersey to New York and purchased the Rood Farm on North Main Street in Norwood. The Kuenzler's had farmed in New Jersey, as well as Glen had a family plumbing business.
          In 1978, the barn at Kuenzler's Farm was destroyed completely by fire. The family decided to rebuild and a company called Nu-Pulse from Wisonsin was contacted to put in a pipeline milking system. Brent worked with the team from Nu-Pulse to install the milking system and when the installation was completed, the owner of Nu-Pulse offered Brent a Nu-Pulse dealership.
          Over the next several years, the business operated out of the Kuenzler home on North Main Street. Pipelines were installed in dairies across New York and Vermont.
          In 1992, the business moved to the Cook Road in Knapp's Station, and a route truck was started at this time. The first "shop" was a heated tractor trailer body that kept the chemicals from freezing. A building was constructed in 1994 that contained a loading dock to receive supplies, lots of storage area, heated parking for the route truck, and an office.
          KDE became a BouMatic dealer in 1993 and has installed a number of milking parlors, rotary parlors, and robotic milkers.
          Brent's parents, Glen and Mary, retired from farming in 2003, and in 2004, Brent renovated the barn on North Main Street and moved the shop from Knapp's Station to the home farm site at 101 North Main Street.
          In 2012, KDE expanded into the Lowville area and opened a branch at 1870 State Street in Watertown.
          Today; KDE currently services approximately 200 farms in St. Lawrence, Jefferson, Franklin, Lewis, and Clinton Counties. KDE currently employs thirteen employees. Six of these employees are service and maintenance men - three of these individuals are certified in Refrigeration / HVAC; three are certified in Regional VIP/CIP training; and four are certified in Smart Dairy. KDE has two full line route trucks on the road, a salesman, a milk quality assurance specialist, and there is a full-time office manager to answer your needs. KDE has a service technician on call 24/7 in both our Norwood office and our Watertown branch, with an answering service to take your calls during our closed hours. No matter what time, and no matter what day, we have a technician to assist you with your needs.
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