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Products & Services

          KDE, Inc. is committed to provide its customers the most updated technological support for all your dairy and farming needs, including but not limited to: expansions and installations, cow comfort, cooling equipment, manure equipment, sanitize equipment, other milking equipment, other barn equipment, and farmer needs.
          KDE provides dedicated and manageable preventative maintenance with individual maintenance schedules that are geared to one-on-one specific dairy needs. We also provide a Milk Quality Assurance Specialist to our farmers to help make the most of you premiums by performing on-farm wash ups to ensure that pipelines are being properly cleaned and maintained. This specialist will also be monitoring Bulk Tank Bacterial and Somatic Cell counts.
          KDE has a service technicial on call 24/7 in both our Norwood office and our Watertown branch, with an answering service to take your calls during our closed hours. No matter what time, and no matter what day, we have a technician to assist you with your needs.
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